CAS Giving Landing Page
Arts & Sciences
The College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences appreciates the generosity of alumni, parents, friends, and other advocates who support the needs and goals of our students and faculty as they pursue educational and research endeavors. Your support opens the door for us to further develop and enrich the experiences of our students’ time - on and off campus - ensuring their success in an ever-evolving world. Can we count on you?

Dean's Priorities

CAS Dean's Fund
Where funds are needed most. Helps recruit and retain outstanding faculty; foster community, diversity, equity, and inclusion; innovate in educational programs; catalyze research innovation, and provide financial support and access.
$9,210Amount Raised
CAS Dean's Fund for Experiential Learning
Provides funding for student experiences outside the classroom through research opportunities, internships, off-campus projects, and similar experiential learning activities.
$375Amount Raised
GRS Dean's Fund
Enables our students to focus on their academic passions. Support our graduate students through student health and well-being actions, personal and professional growth opportunities, and improvement of career outcomes.
$477.50Amount Raised
Diversity & Inclusion Rapid Innovation Initiative Fund
Developed to propel and accelerate curriculum innovation, expand access to experiential learning activities, student-led forums, and events, and provide support for faculty outreach and recruitment.
$596Amount Raised
CAS Scholarship Fund
Provides annual scholarship awards to students enrolled at the College of Arts & Sciences. CAS is dedicated to helping our students gain the skills they need to not only succeed in this ever-changing world but help change it.
$10,818.33Amount Raised